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Jun 7, 2010


Kotla fort is another heritage monument on the State Highway between Shahpur and Nurpur. Kotla fort stands on an isolated peak, impressively looking around the deep valleys. The fort was built by the Guler Rajas. The road to the fort winds upwards and is not too difficult; the climb going through the dense forest of pine is pleasant. At the main entrance is the Bagulamukhi temple, one of the incarnations of Durga. The idol inside the temple is magnificent. There is also a small temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh with roundish roof resembling Bengal roof architecture. Inside there is a unique Ganesh idol. The temple has wall paintings on the outer walls. The deep arches have superb workmanship, paintings and carvings. One particular wall with three arches and niches standing amid ruins displays a kind of grace and originality that is unique to the fort. The fort is at present with the archaeological department and efforts are afoot to restore its glory at least partially.

Getting there: By road from Kangra/ Dharamsala. Taxis & Buses are available.

Location: Midway between Dharamsala-Nurpur route

Climate: Hot in summers and cold in winters.

Accommodation: Medium range lodges and hotels are available at Nurpur and at Dharamshala.

Places of interest: Trilokpur cave temple, Kathgarh shiv temple and other attractions of Kangra valley.

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