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Jun 27, 2010

Trilokpur, Lord Shiva Cave, Himachal Pradesh

 Trilokpur, Lord Shiva Cave,

It is situated 41 kms. from Dharamshala and can be approached by road the natural cave temple of Trilokpur contains a stalactite and stalagamite is dedicated to Shiva. High on the ridge of the cave are ruins of a palace and baradari (audience hall) of Lehna Singh Majitha, Governor of Kangra hills during the Sikh rule.



  1. नमस्‍कार. हम मुंबई से हिमाचल मित्र नाम की एक पत्रि‍का प्रकाश‍ित करते हैं. अभी इसका वर्षा 2010 अंक छपा है. हमारे एक पाठक ने बताया कि आप माता बगलामुखी के बारे में लिखें. कृपया आप हमें इस मंदिर के बारे में और कोटला फोटै के बारे में जानकारी इस पते पर ईमेल करें कृपया अपना डक पता भी दें ताकि आपको पत्रि‍का भेजी जा सके.

  2. wonderful breathtaking natural cave temple


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Kotla is a small hill town situated on the Pathankot- Dharamshala road, in Himachal Pradesh, India, Asia. It is about 45 km from Pathankot and the same distance from Dharamshala. It has a beautiful hill stream cutting through the town. Across the stream is a 100 year old bridge connecting the two portions of the town. The construction work on new bridge is also in full swing. The town is famous for its Bagula Mukhi temple, the old fort and a number of other religious places. The Dehar Khad stream is an all season stream with fresh water coming from higher Chamba ranges. The beauty of the river is that it is having water mill, the anicient water run Gharat which is used to make flour from grains. There is another unit making local ice cream with cooling machine run by river water flow. There is one beautiful fish tank situated about 5Km from here in village Solda, which is quite an interesting and must see other interesting places near here there is a beautiful Tibetan Monastery with excellent carvings and big statue of lord Buddha. Just 1Km on the Dharamshala road is Ram Tirath Ashram, further 1Km and there is beautiful Hanuman Mandir on road side. About 3 km from the Kotla town is fimous Trilokinath temple, famous for its natural cave with shiv lingam. The temple is also having a beautiful stream byK its side.

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